How Denture Repairs Work

Posted on: August 16, 2018

Denture repair is often necessary to repair the damage done to these prosthetics that naturally occur over time due to wear and tear and changes to the patient's jawbone. These changes often lead to poorly fitting dentures that can be quite uncomfortable to wear.

When a new set of dentures are fitted, adjustments are made until a perfect fit is attained and the patient has a normal bite. Now, patients should note that it is normal for the jawbone to shrink when there are missing teeth. The gradual shrinkage of the jawbone creates a need for dentures to be regularly adjusted.

The gums also change when a person is missing teeth, and those changes can lead to the prosthetic being uncomfortable and irritating all the soft tissues that the framework of the dentures makes contact with.

When denture repair is needed

If a pair of dentures is damaged, repairs are essential to restore its function and the comfort levels of the wearer. The actual work done depends on the type of damage to the prosthetic. For example, if parts of a denture are broken off or missing, a laboratory technician can repair it. The tech would need a mold of the original denture to create the replacement part. There is simply no way for a patient to do that on their own.

If the broken-off pieces have been found and saved, a technician can glue them back to the device and complete any other repairs needed. Even dentures that might not seem like they can still be fixed, can be, saving patients lots of money.

For example, a denture set that has been split into two even pieces can still be glued together by a technician and repaired by applying another layer of acrylic resin. The technician can also decide to strengthen the dentures by inserting a piece of metal through both pieces before attaching them with denture glue.

What can go wrong during denture repair?

Repairing dentures is a straightforward procedure when done by a qualified professional. The risk of complications or further damage to the prosthetic is rather slim. Dentists are trained on how to properly repair dentures and have technicians to help them if the need arises.

Problems often arise when people decide to repair dentures on their own or send it over to a person who lacks the proper qualifications.

If you attempt to perform the repairs on your own or have an unqualified person do it for you, there could be a number of complications. That could easily lead to the person spending more than they would have if they simply went to the dentist in the first place.

Patients also have to be careful not to use industrial or household glues to repair denture sets, since these can be toxic. Some even lead to burns in the mouth.

Wondering what the best way to repair your dentures is? Bring it over to one of our clinics for an evaluation.

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