Why You Need to Replace Missing Teeth

Posted on: October 4, 2019

missing teeth Denham Springs, LA

It is impossible to overstate how important it is to replace missing teeth. Missing teeth can not only affect the appearance of your smile, but you also lose your ability to chew and speak properly, and it leaves you vulnerable to a variety of dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

The importance of replacing missing teeth

This article will explore some of the main reasons why you should replace all of your missing teeth as soon as you can.

1. Prevent bone tissue loss

A person's jawbone is not some inanimate object; it is made up of living tissues that are constantly reacting to changes around them. When a person has all of their teeth, the jaw gets all the stimulation it needs. However, when a tooth is lost, the area its roots were connected to begins to deteriorate. It is similar to the way a person's muscles shrink when they are bed-ridden for a prolonged period of time.

This bone tissue loss can lead to significant changes to the person's facial structures.

By replacing a missing tooth with a prosthetic like an implant, the patient gets to maintain a healthy jaw. It should be noted that other teeth replacement options like dentures and bridges do not address this.

2. Restore the function of lost teeth

The importance of a tooth becomes apparent once it falls out, making it harder to chew food and to pronounce certain words correctly. Not being able to chew food properly is not some minor issue. The person is more likely to choke on food since it is not being broken down properly before being swallowed, and it can make it quite difficult to stay properly nourished.

Replacing missing teeth helps to restore this important function of the teeth. The patient gets to go back to speaking and eating like they did before they lost their teeth.

3. Restore the appearance of a healthy smile

A person's smile is one of the first things people notice about their appearance. A healthy-looking smile portrays success and attractiveness, while the opposite is true for those with damaged teeth or holes in their smiles.

Many people who lose their teeth also lose some of their confidence. They are self-conscious when interacting with others, and they are often reluctant to smile. This can negatively impact their personal and professional interactions.

4. Keep the mouth healthy

As we mentioned earlier, losing a tooth leads to a loss of bone tissue and it also makes one more vulnerable to tooth decay. This is caused by the remaining teeth becoming misaligned as they try to take the lost tooth's place.

Misaligned teeth are harder to clean than properly aligned teeth so plaque and tartar buildup occurs at a greater rate, possibly leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

Get your missing teeth replaced

Thanks to advances in dental tech, you might be able to get your replacement tooth during a single visit to a dentist. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and get the process started.

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