Why Do I Need a Crown on My Tooth After a Root Canal?

Posted on: September 18, 2019

It is not a secret that a root canal is not a dental procedure people look forward to. Nervousness, fear and anxiety accompany this treatment. Still, there are occasions when this is the right decision to eliminate tooth pain and stop decay. The process involves several important steps, including placing a crown on top of the affected tooth. Your dentist can perform a root canal when the pulp and nerve have damage.

Initial root canal steps

In most cases, it will take at least two appointments to complete this endodontic work. Dentists can identify this problem at regular checkups. Patients will often call the dentist in between appointments too to report tooth pain and discomfort. The dentist will examine the affected area and will take X-rays. The patient may get the root canal that day or at a later appointment.

The procedure

Though there is nerve damage to the tooth, the dentist will still likely use a local anesthetic to numb any pain and help the person feel more at ease. Once the medication takes effect, the dentist will drill into the tooth down to the root. The dentist will remove any decay from the spot and may also inject medication if there is an infection. Sometimes, the dentist will seal up the tooth at that time. Other dentists may wait until the following appointment.

The crown

An additional step of this process may include the installation of a crown or cap. This is necessary if the tooth is particularly weak and needs to be strengthened. A dentist will often choose to place a cap on the tooth after endodontic treatment if the affected tooth is in the front or is a molar. The rationale behind this is that these teeth are involved in a lot of chewing and contact with food. The crown will help keep the tooth intact.

Positive effects of this procedure

Though patients may hate the thought of having to undergo this procedure, there are benefits. After treatment, the person should have minimal, if any, pain in the area. The patient can also have peace of mind that any infection will be gone. Also, the crowns are made to look like natural teeth, so it will be difficult to detect the person had any procedure. Sometimes, the canal process is the right way to save tooth loss.

Managing pain

People may have heard horror stories about this procedure. However, the root canal comes with little or no pain. The dentist will use anesthesia to effectively numb the tooth and gums. Also, the dentist will have the necessary training to use proper techniques to make this procedure as comfortable as possible. If patients do feel pain following the treatment, the following strategies could help:

  • Take pain medication
  • Apply an ice pack to the area
  • Call the dentist

Do not put it off

Experiencing tooth pain is no way to live. If you are enduring this type of discomfort, it is time to call your dentist and discuss your options. Endodontic treatment could be the right solution to restoring your oral health. Set up a time to consult with your dentist today.

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