When a Broken Tooth Should Be Extracted

Posted on: June 1, 2021

Broken Tooth Denham Springs, LA

Several factors can lead to a broken tooth, and sometimes an extraction is necessary. Continue reading to know when removing the tooth is the best call. The breakage can open up the tooth to bacterial infection or leave sharp edges that can cut the oral cavity's soft tissues. If the tooth's pulp chamber is exposed, you may experience severe discomfort and sensitivity when eating or drinking cold or hot foods. A broken tooth can also cause severe bleeding.

The need to extract a broken tooth

Modern techniques in dentistry have increased the chances of successfully treating a fractured or broken tooth. A dentist will always try to save the natural tooth using whatever means necessary. However, keeping the tooth is not always possible when a tooth suffers extensive damage. The extent of breakage is generally the major determinant of a tooth's salvageability. When patients visit the dental office, they may need to have a dental x-ray taken to determine the tooth's condition.

If repairing the tooth with a dental restoration like dental crowns is unrealistic, the better option would be to extract it. This is often the case when a fracture extends beyond the gum line, making it hard to prepare the tooth structure for composite bonding or a crown. In most cases, after a traumatic injury, a minor breakage around the tooth roots can be difficult to fix. The tissues and bone supporting the tooth may be unable to reattach to the broken portions.

Although tooth extraction may seem like an unfavorable option, patients need to understand that it is sometimes the best choice for their oral health. Even with the best restorative procedure, the prognosis of a broken tooth is generally poor. Undergoing extraction for the damaged tooth means avoiding costly and uncertain restorative treatment. Patients will be able to choose a more reliable option, like a dental implant, to replace the broken tooth.

Infection risks

A broken tooth exposes the tooth pulp to infection, especially if patients fail to go for treatment immediately after the incident. Once the pulp gets an infection, other teeth can be at risk. The dentist may recommend root canal therapy to remove the pulp materials and get rid of the infection. However, for severe infections, root canal therapy may not be effective and as a last resort, the dentist will extract the tooth before the infection spreads to other teeth.

Extensive dental filling

Sometimes a tooth can break due to severe decay or too many fillings. The tooth's structure weakens with each dental filling and may eventually give in. In this case, the best choice would be to remove the broken pieces and replace them with an option like a dental implant or bridge.

Do you have a broken tooth?

If you have a broken tooth, be sure to contact our dental office immediately, even if you are not feeling any pain. If the dentist recommends tooth extraction, they will discuss possible replacement options with you to restore your smile.

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