What You Should Know About Dentures

Posted on: May 14, 2019

Dentures give many people a new lease on life. They are a good replacement for lost teeth because they allow a person to talk, smile and eat as if they had their own natural teeth. However, dentures come with an adjustment period. The wearer has to learn how to live life with a set of artificial teeth in their mouth.

Dentures: The basics

Dentures are artificial teeth that are worn over the gums. They act as a substitute for some or all of a person’s natural teeth. Dentures take the form of a set of artificial teeth anchored in artificial gums made of acrylic resin.

In the past, the teeth part of the dentures were made of porcelain. Such dentures were sturdy and durable, although a little heavy. Nowadays, the teeth of most dentures are made of lightweight materials like acrylic resin.

There are three main types of dentures. Each type can be fixed or removable: Partial dentures; full dentures, which are worn by people missing all the teeth in their upper or lower jaw; and implant-supported dentures, which are held in place by dental implants that are anchored in the jaw.

How do dentures stay in place?

Dentures do not always need glue or some other adhesive to stay in place. They are custom-made to fit snugly over a person’s gums as well as the roof and floor of their mouth.

However, gums recede over time. This causes the dentures to become loose. Many people deal with ill-fitting dentures by using some kind of adhesive. This is only a temporary solution that does not really work.

When a set of dentures becomes loose, the wearer should visit their dentist to get them adjusted, repaired or replaced.

How long should a set of dentures last?

Dentures play the role of natural teeth so they sustain a lot of wear and tear. They should be replaced every five years.

Adjusting to the first set of dentures

A person will need time to get used to their first set of dentures. At first, the person will find the dentures are an awkward fit, which is completely normal. The person will have to learn to talk and eat with their dentures. Which takes time and practice.

Caring for dentures

Just like natural teeth, dentures should be brushed twice a day. They should never be worn to bed. Instead, the wearer should brush them, rinse them with cold water and put them in a glass of lukewarm water.

Dentures should be soaked in a glass of water every night. This keeps them from losing their shape.

Other ways to take care of dentures are:

  • Avoid eating foods that stain the dentures
  • If the dentures become stained, take them to a dental hygienist for professional cleaning
  • Avoid doing DIY repairs on the dentures. Take them to a dentist instead
  • When cleaning the dentures, place a towel in the sink in case they fall in. The towel will provide a soft landing and keep the dentures from breaking
  • Make regular visits to the dentist. They will check on the health of the dentures and the mouth

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