What is Tooth Resorption and How Can a General Dentist Help?

Posted on: June 5, 2019

Looking for a new general dentist? A general dentist can treat a wide variety of dental problems. They can also treat any age, making them a popular choice for both adults and children. Just like your primary care physician, a general dentist is your first point of contact whenever you are in need of any dental services they are not able to provide. All you need to do is make an appointment so you can tell them about your dental issue and they will steer you in the right direction.

Why general dentists are necessary

Wondering how a general dentist can specifically assist you with any of your dental needs? General dentists provide their patients with a wide variety of dental services, making them an essential part of your good oral health care routine. Most general dentists recommend that their patients come in once or twice a year, also known as preventive services, to ensure that their oral health is indeed in great shape. Two additional services general dentists provide include restorative services and cosmetic procedures.

What is tooth resorption?

One of the many questions dental patients have is what exactly tooth resorption means. Tooth resorption is a condition that causes one’s own cells to consume the structure of a tooth, essentially dissolving it. The process is completely natural in children as it allows for the roots of a child’s primary teeth to dissolve, which is necessary so that their permanent teeth can grow in properly. It is when tooth resorption takes place in one’s permanent teeth that it becomes a problem. While the reason behind adult tooth resorption is not clear, it is believed that excessive orthodontic force and tooth trauma are two major factors.

Tooth resorption in adults needs treatment in order to prevent any more damage to the tooth. The fact that resorption can occur quickly makes it necessary for anyone who is experiencing this dental issue to make a dental appointment for a full mouth evaluation as soon as possible. It is possible for adults to lose one of their teeth due to adult tooth resorption.

How can a general dentist help?

A general dentist can help by removing the damaged parts of the tooth and then repairing the damaged parts by using a dental filling. Many patients nowadays are choosing tooth-colored fillings due to their aesthetic appeal. If the damage has reached the inside of the tooth, aka the pulp, then it is likely that root canal therapy is necessary to save the tooth. If the resorption has affected the gums, then a general dentist can recommend other dental procedures to repair the gums as well as prevent the possibility of gum recession.

Experiencing oral problems?

A general dentist can treat your current oral problems. If you are suffering from a problem that requires a different type of dentist to treat, then a general dentist will write a referral for you so you can be seen by that dentist. You should choose a dentist you feel comfortable with, as general dentists are specifically trained to address you as a whole person vs. only focusing on your oral problems. This means you will need to let them know about any health issues you are currently experiencing.

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