What Is a Hybrid Denture?

Posted on: October 19, 2018


Your dentist can suggest several tooth replacement methods that can fix your missing teeth. Dental implants are one of those options, but their cost can be prohibitive for many patients. For that reason, many patients consider hybrid denture a cost-effective and innovative solution to replace their teeth.

Due to the popularity of hybrid denture, you must be curious to know the answers to questions like, "What is it and why has it become one of the go-to tooth replacement options nowadays?"

Full dentures to fix implants

They are a set of denture that can be fixed on your implants. There is not much of a difference between them and the regular denture. Both implants use a premium quality prosthetics for replacing teeth.

Hyprid implant dentures

Hybrid implant dentures, unlike traditional dentures, use four different dental implants. Your dentist fixes these dentures with the help of the titanium post. The denture fuses firmly with the jaws to support gold or titanium bar that provides a base to an acrylic set of teeth. It helps them anchor them and keep them in their correct place. The bar holds the denture fixed permanently in its place meaning you no longer need to worry about its movement and lose fixing. You can seek the help of an oral surgeon or dentist for their removal.

Easy to repair and maintain

Whether you opt for dental implants, dentures or hybrid implants,  it is essential to follow a good oral hygiene routine to make them last longer. That is why you need to consider repair and maintenance procedures before choosing any dental implant.

The practice of cleaning permanent dentures requires your time and attention. Mainly because it is more difficult for people, who have busy schedules because permanent dentures need cleaning on a nightly basis. However, the case is different with hybrids. You can clean and maintain them by applying the same methods you use for cleaning your natural teeth. There is no need to buy expensive denture adhesives, cleaning liquids or denture creams.

Moreover, while permanent dentures are time-consuming and costly to repair, hybrid denture follow an easy repairing process. Your dentists may find replacing titanium bar of this type of denture a bit difficult, but this is the only issue with a broken hybrid.

An affordable treatment

Getting permanent denture is not less than buying a gold ornament for you. The average cost of permanent denture is $500 per tooth to $1,000 for the full denture. The prices are enough to cost an arm and leg to some patients who have limited earning means. Hybrids, in this regard, use high-quality dental procedures and are affordable. The quality dental replacement option cost you much lower than a permanent denture.

What’s the bottom line for hybrid dentures?

Overall, the hybrid dentures are a useful and convenient way to replace your missing teeth. They are affordable and extremely easy to maintain. With an adequate oral hygiene practice, it is effortless to keep your dentures in good shape. Thus, with almost zero failure rate, hybrids are an excellent solution for you.

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