What Are My Options for Dental Implant Crowns?

Posted on: May 16, 2018

There are several different types of dental implant crowns to choose from. There are pros and cons to each type of material.

Here is a look at the different types of materials for dental implant crowns.

All Ceramic or All Porcelain Dental Implant Crowns

Ceramic and porcelain dental implant crowns represent the latest technology in dental restorations from the lab. These implant crowns look like normal teeth to help people feel less self-conscious when opening their mouth. This type of material is not metal so there is no need to worry about any shiny pieces catching the attention of onlookers when you open your mouth.

Every ceramic and porcelain dental implant crown has the potential to wear down natural enamel. In some cases, it makes sense to use a night guard to protect against teeth grinding.

Porcelain Fused to Gold

The porcelain-gold dental implant crown option lasts between 5-20 years. This is an aesthetically pleasing material that proves quite durable. We add porcelain to the gold substructure so there is some potential for opposing teeth to wear down as a result of grinding or forceful biting.

While it is also possible to add porcelain to the crown surface facing the cheek, the end result will not be as visually-pleasing. The benefit to such an approach is the fact that a crown will last longer than other options.

Full Cast Noble Metal

This material primarily consists of palladium along with gold, silver and small amounts of other metals. For the most part, full cast noble metal has properties and qualities similar to gold. The main difference between full cast noble metal and full noble metal is color. The full cast noble version has more of a silver hue than full noble metal.

Full Cast Gold

Also known as high noble metal, full cast gold is comprised of a gold alloy. This lab-processed material lasts the longest of its variety as it is comprised of durable metals like gold, palladium, silver, zinc, platinum and copper. The downside to this crown option is its yellow hue. Full cast gold is not as visually impressive as other dental implant crown options.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Zirconia and Titanium

Zirconia and titanium have emerged as quite the popular options for dental implant crowns. While titanium implants certainly have their negatives, they are favored by dentists far and wide. Titanium and zirconia integrate quite nicely with bone as long as the dentist adheres to specific protocols.

Plenty of patients enjoy a titanium restoration that lasts upwards of three or four decades. Zirconia has a similar success rate but it may not prove as durable as titanium implants.

In comparison to one another, the titanium variety proves superior thanks to its versatility. Titanium implants act as a single piece or two-piece system. The two-piece system allows the implant to replace the root. The implant remains at the same level as the underlying bone. An abutment or post helps support the teeth.


Consult with us before making a commitment to a dental implant crown.  We will review your oral health, preferences and other factors to help you select the best dental implant crown for your mouth.

Request a dental implant consultation here: https://www.sandeferpremierdental.com or call Sandefer Premier Dental at (225) 663-1793 for an appointment in our Denham Springs dental office.

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