The Importance of Finding the Right General Dentist

Posted on: September 7, 2019

Are you currently looking for a general dentist? There are several misconceptions about the importance of visiting the general dentist for routine check-ups. People often assume that going to the dentist is unnecessary if they maintain good oral hygiene and are not experiencing any dental problems, but this is simply not the case.

Many are unaware that dentists can play a major role in catching, treating and preventing an array of health conditions — not just detecting cavities. Individuals of all ages can benefit from regularly seeing a dentist who will carefully check for any changes or developing issues in the mouth, jaw and neck.

General dentists: Your oral health ally

According to the American Dental Association, an individual should begin seeing a dentist before they turn one year old. Dentists can give parents of the young child advice about preventing any oral health problems and catching issues early on in the child’s life. As the child grows older, keeping regular contact with their dentist will allow them to maintain great oral health throughout their childhood. Dental disease, crooked teeth, overbites and other problems can be addressed before they become severe or painful.

Adults should also resist the temptation to skip their routine dental appointments. Going to the dentist regularly will be more affordable in the long run, as they can treat dental concerns early and prevent any new oral health problems from developing. In addition, some early signs of medical conditions and diseases can be found in the mouth. When dentists notice these symptoms early, the patient has a much better chance of recovery.

Oral health and overall health

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic reported a number of correlations found between oral health and several medical conditions, ranging from cardiovascular disease to diabetes. The World Health Organization even added oral health to their comprehensive chronic disease prevention plans after recognizing the importance of regular dental care.

Dental issues may simply be a result of poor hygiene, but ongoing concerns can signal that something else in the body is not well. For example, gum disease seems to happen more frequently in people who have diabetes since their health condition makes it harder to fight off infections. Patients who suffer from bulimia may have damaged teeth, inflamed gums or numerous cavities due to frequent vomiting. Tooth loss may even be associated with conditions like osteoporosis, where bones become brittle and weak.

Ready to find a great dentist?

Finding a trustworthy dentist can be a challenge, especially for people who have fear or anxiety about going to the dentist. The American Dental Association states that dental care is a very personal experience that requires a comfortable relationship between the patient and the dentist, not to mention a clean facility, friendly staff and a convenient office location.

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