Recovery From Teeth in a Day

Posted on: May 1, 2021

Teeth In A Day Denham Springs, LA

The teeth in a day procedure involves attaching a temporary bridge or crown on the same day an implant is placed. This can provide a patient with an immediate aesthetic solution. Most times, implants also provide a functional solution. Given the right circumstances, implants can provide you with the most ideal option for replacing your missing teeth in a day.

Teeth in a day recovery

It is always important to choose a qualified dentist when it comes to dental implant treatment. Surgical skill and technique are some of the factors that can dictate a good outcome while minimizing risk. Just like with any oral surgery, there may be some risks and possible consequences with implant surgery. This is why after the procedure patients should take certain measures to ensure that the implants last longer and no complications develop.

After the procedure

After surgery, it is not uncommon for a patient to experience discomfort and pain after the anesthesia wears off. This is expected because the surgical procedure involves a surgeon cutting into the gums and drilling into the bone. A dentist can help a patient to deal with the pain and discomfort in different ways. The dentist may prescribe pain medications and also recommend pain relief solutions such as ice packs and rest.

A person may experience swelling of the face and gums and minor bleeding. It is also normal for people to have small bruises. Pain medications and antibiotics can help patients to deal with some of these problems that develop after the procedure. However, if discomfort, swelling and any other problems become worse in the days after surgery, a patient should contact an oral surgeon.

Patient commitment

It is crucial for patients to be committed to taking proper care of dental implants. During the healing phase, a dentist may recommend eating soft foods until the area fully heals. Hard, spicy and sticky foods should be avoided during recovery. A good diet will help the mouth to heal properly and quickly.

A patient should be fully committed to maintaining great oral hygiene. A person should take care of the implants to help in recovery. This will involve rinsing the mouth with salt water and gently brushing the teeth as a person normally would. A dentist may also advise a person to be patient while the surgical site heals.


After surgery, you may experience pain, swelling and bleeding. These are usually signs that your body is healing itself. However, if these symptoms get worse, contact your oral surgeon. To help you recover quicker and make the pain minimal, you should avoid disturbing the surgical areas, rest as much as you can and apply ice as needed.

A dentist may prescribe pain medications that will help with the pain and discomfort. It is vital to have great oral hygiene during this recovery period and to consider altering your diet to include foods that can help you heal faster. You should also see your dentist regularly. This will help ensure your implants can last a lifetime.

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