Mouth Ulcers: When is a Dental Visit Necessary?

Posted on: February 2, 2019

Mouth ulcers can be pesty and irritating, and sometimes painful too! They are often caused by a variety of things but mainly an unhealthy mouth is what it comes down to. Knowing how to care for them can be beneficial but ultimately a dental professional is the best resource to use.

Mouth ulcers are said to only affect someone for one to two weeks. However, there are some occasions where they might exceed that time frame. Knowing when to visit a dental professional regarding a mouth ulcer can be helpful for anyone that is experiencing one. Today, we will go over when it is necessary to visit a dental professional for a mouth ulcer.

When to visit a dentist for mouth ulcers

Extended time

While mouth ulcers are only said to last one to two weeks, people may often find themselves still experiencing them past two weeks. If a person has attempted to remedy their mouth ulcer and they don’t see any changes then it may be time to visit the dentist.

Mouth ulcers are not meant to be involved illnesses so when they last for a long time, it is concerning for most people. It could be an indicator that there is a bigger issue going on within the mouth. A dentist will be able to look at the mouth ulcer and determine why it has lasted for so long as well as if it is a sign of something else.

Long-lasting symptoms

If a mouth ulcer is still presenting symptoms a few weeks after discovering it then it may be time to seek the help of a dental professional. If the symptoms are not getting any better and a person doesn’t feel like their home remedies are healing the wound at all, then a visit to the dentist should help. A dentist will be able to determine why the symptoms are not going away and why the ulcer itself isn’t healing.

Symptoms worsening

If a person notices that their mouth ulcer is getting worse then it is time to visit a dental professional. If the ulcer is feeling more painful or if there is pus coming from it then a dentists visit is necessary. They will be able to determine why the ulcer is getting worse.


Visiting a dental professional for a mouth ulcer may not always be necessary. If a person can remedy their ulcer and it goes away within a week or so then it isn’t important to visit a dental professional. However, ulcers can extend a few weeks and it can be dangerous to the mouth overall. Knowing when to visit a dental professional or doctor for a mouth ulcer can be helpful for those who aren’t sure what to do next.

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