Loose Crown? Here’s What We Can do to Help

Posted on: February 2, 2018

CrownIf your dental crown is loose, you will need the assistance of your dentist.  There is a good chance your dentist will either be occupied with other patients or busy with personal matters for at least a few hours if not a few days following your crown's loosening.  You can do some things on your own to preserve your crown and alleviate potential pain until you can visit the dentist.

Loose dental crowns

Why Dental Crowns Loosen

Dental crowns certainly have a high rate of success yet they also have the potential to loosen.  A crown can loosen if it does not fit properly over the compromised tooth.  The tooth has to be adequately prepared for the crown to fit over it.  It might be necessary to file down the decayed or damaged tooth.

The dental filling material might be necessary to build up the tooth to the proper size.  If the crown is not the proper fit for the tooth, we can use cement to keep it in position.  However, it is possible for such cement to wash out and lead to the dental crown losening.

What to do if Your Dental Crown is Loose

If your dental crown has fallen out or feels loose, make an appointment with the dentist right away.  This event is generally considered to be a dental emergency.  Your dentist will try to treat you within 48 hours or less of your phone call.  It might even be possible to refit the crown before the tooth below endures additional decay/damage.

Once you give us a call, it is time to do your best to preserve the crown. If the crown completely falls off the tooth and it is still in your possession, take a look at its interior.  If the tooth looks hollow, the tooth has not come off with it.  If part of the tooth/filling is dislodged, positioning the crown back on the tooth will prove challenging. Do your best to put it back on the tooth with a dental adhesive. Even a small amount of toothpaste might keep it in place until we can look at it.

The purpose of putting the crown back in place is to safeguard the tooth below until you can visit the dentist. If the crown is lost, let us know when you call.  Teeth without crowns are at an especially high risk for infection along with additional decay.  These teeth might be quite painful or sensitive.  If we are aware of the fact that there is no way to cover the tooth in question until the appointment, we might be able to move your appointment up.

How the Dentist can Help When Your Dental Crown is Loose

The dentist will take a close look at the crown.  An X-ray will probably be taken to pinpoint the underlying cause of the crown's loosening.  In many instances, crowns fall off the teeth after consuming candy or sticky food.

The dentist will likely be able to remove the crown and cement it back in place. If the dentist determines the dental crown is loose due to tooth decay below the crown, he or she will remove the crown and clean away the decayed portion of the tooth to stop the damage.

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