How to Relieve TMJ Pain

Posted on: August 18, 2019

Anyone who lives daily with TMJ pain can attest that the effects can be almost unbearable. If you are among the many people who struggle with this dysfunction, there is hope for freedom from the discomfort and irritation. There is no reason to put off treatment any longer. Your dentist can recommend interventions to help put an end to the suffering. From your own efforts and the work of a qualified dentist, you can move on without the negative consequences of this condition.

How TMJ happens

Pain can afflict any part of the human body, so teeth are no different. Temporomandibular joint disorders are pains in the lower jaw due to misalignment, and they can afflict anyone, but there are specific causes and triggers that can elevate the chances of feeling this pain. One of the most common causes is clenching and grinding teeth, especially at night when the person is not even aware that this is happening. Anxiety and stress also play a big role in this condition, as does bone and cartilage loss.

Quick, at-home solutions

If the pain from this condition gets too much to handle, people can head to the local drugstore and pick up some over-the-counter pain medication. Ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs might provide some relief from the irritation. Another possible idea is to apply a heat pack to the affected area. It may also be effective to rotate between heat packs and cold packs. People suffering from pain should be careful not to leave the packs on for too long.

Watch the diet

Some foods could elevate or set off the jaw pain associated with TMJ. These are usually hard-to-chew foods such as meat, hard candy and some crunchy foods such as chips or crackers. Instead, people with this jaw condition should focus on eating softer items such as fruits, beans or potatoes. Anything that does not require the person to open their mouth wide and exert a lot of force to chew should be all right.

Wear a mouthguard

Often, changing the diet and taking medication will not be enough to take the pain away. A dental specialist might have to intervene and fit the patient with a mouthguard. The person will wear this at night, and it will help keep the wearer from grinding their teeth. The guard will also help align the teeth correctly, which will relieve pressure from the jaw. Only an experienced dentist should make a nightguard for the patient. The dentist will also follow up with the patient regularly to make sure it is working effectively.

Give them a try

Stop putting off these solutions to your pain. Aside from trying over-the-counter products and watching what you eat, your dentist could hold the key to freedom from jaw pain. You want more than just temporary relief from the discomfort. Instead, it is critical that you find something that works in the long term. Schedule an appointment with a specialist today so you can say goodbye to jaw problems.

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