How Long Should a Dental Filling Last?

Posted on: April 1, 2021

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If you are still looking for the right dental filling, it is comforting to know the right kind of material it has. This will give you an idea of how long your dental filling will last. It can also let you know when you should replace it. Here are the different fillings available, how long each should last, and the factors that influence each one’s life span.

Materials of dental fillings

The type of filling can give patients an idea about how long it will last. Amalgam fillings have metals like silver, tin, copper, and mercury. These fillings are the most cost-effective and durable ones that dentists can offer. It takes about 15 years before these fillings need replacements. There is a high risk of toxicity in these fillings.

Gold dental fillings are durable dental restorations. As expected, these fillings are overly expensive. The gold color does not blend with the natural color of teeth. That is why patients want these fillings placed at the back of the mouth. It usually takes at least 20 years before these dental fillings need replacements.

Glass ionomer fillings are a combination of acrylic and glass. These fillings are usually weaker than other fillings. Patients only have these fillings for small cavities that are near the gumline. These implants only last for about five years and should not be placed on chewing services.

Ceramic fillings are more expensive than gold ones. These fillings are made from a variety of porcelain that is rare. Ceramic fillings are manufactured by a milling machine or a dental lab. Ceramic fillings can last for at least 15 years.

Composite dental fillings are a favorite among patients. These are tooth-colored fillings that blend with the color of natural teeth. Composite fillings are a mixture of ceramic resins and acrylic. Dentists also glue these fillings to teeth. When it comes to longevity, composites only last for an average of seven years. If the composite fillings are smaller, these restorations can last for about 10 years.

Other factors that influence how long fillings last

Dental fillings usually last for at least 10 years. Aside from the materials, the life span of fillings could be influenced by the patient’s dental hygiene and eating habits. Teeth grinding, dental trauma, and decay around the dental filling can also contribute to how long fillings last. Following the dentist’s instructions and tips can help extend the life of dental fillings.

Replacing dental fillings

While there are patients who do not need filling replacements, others go through several. Many variables contribute to the replacement of fillings. Sometimes, fillings crack or fall out. During routine dental checkups, dentists could detect spots that serve as entry points for bacteria. If the dentist does not treat these holes, the fillings will harbor bacteria and cause an infection inside the filling. Once a dental filling cannot protect the tooth anymore, it needs replacement.

A dental implant can last for a long time depending on certain factors

Choosing the right dental filling can give you an idea of how long it is going to last. Even so, certain factors such as diet and lifestyle could lead your fillings to wear out earlier than expected. Making sure that you keep your dental appointments. This will allow your dentist to check and maintain your fillings, extending their life span.

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