How Dental Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

Posted on: April 15, 2020

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While most people are bound to run into dental problems that affect the appearance of the teeth at some point, dental veneers are a durable, attractive solution offered by a dentist for a wide variety of issues. This restorative option involves placing a thin porcelain or composite resin shell on the front of a patient’s teeth to cover up any flaws.

What issues can dental veneers help with?

Continue reading to learn a few of the ways veneers can transform a person’s smile.


While teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic procedures provided by a dentist, the results of this treatment are temporary. On average, a professional teeth whitening session lasts about two years and over-the-counter products even less. Additionally, there are certain types of discoloration caused by different types of medication, tooth trauma or genetic factors that are not easily remedied with bleaching. Porcelain veneers can provide patients with a bright white smile for years that is resistant to stains caused by foods, aging or other common culprits.

Cracks and chips

Teeth with cracks or chips are often very noticeable, especially if on the front of a person’s mouth. The affected teeth are also more susceptible to further damage if a future accident occurs. Veneers can be used to cover any obvious minor damage and can act as a safeguard against more harm.


While orthodontic treatment is often necessary for major misalignment of the mouth or a bad bite, veneers can improve the appearance of a person’s smile by making teeth that are slightly crooked appear straight. This is done by using the porcelain, composite or other material to reshape the teeth.

Tooth gaps

Gapped teeth, or diastema, is a common dental issue often caused by tissue overgrowth or thumbsucking as a child. It can have an effect on both the patient’s appearance and oral health. Often, this gap is located between a patient’s two front incisors on the top of the mouth. If it is small enough, veneers can be used for adult patients to make the teeth slightly wider to fill in the space.

Damaged enamel

The outer layer of the tooth, called the enamel, can become damaged due to tooth decay or acid erosion. A diet high in sugary or acidic foods and beverages, teeth grinding, dry mouth or acid reflux can all lead to problematic enamel loss. This may contribute to increased tooth sensitivity and can put a patient at risk for cavities. Unfortunately, enamel does not grow back like fingernails and other parts of the body. Veneers can be used to shield the front portion of the enamel, though teeth that are severely decayed may need a dental crown to completely cover the damage and restore function.


Veneers can address a variety of dental problems, taking a less-than-perfect smile and making it more aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are dealing with stubborn stains on the teeth, enamel erosion, misalignment or other cosmetic issues, talk with a dentist today to see if this solution can quickly help you meet your goals.

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