Emergency Dentistry for Trauma to Your Mouth

Posted on: July 1, 2020

emergency dentistry Denham Springs, LA

You probably never plan on emergency dentistry, but you are happy when this option is available during a time of need. An emergency dentist has the knowledge and training to diagnose and treat the most severe oral health problems. If you have suffered trauma to the mouth and feel extreme pain, this dentist can provide relief. You can be aware of the occasions when you should seek urgent dental help.

Preventing mouth trauma

Accidents can happen and people cannot avoid some types of incidents and injuries. However, there are steps that patients can take to reduce their risks of dental problems. Practicing good oral hygiene is an effective way to stay out of the emergency dentistry office. Daily brushing and flossing will keep teeth healthy and strong. Regular dental checkups will also identify emerging concerns. Wearing the right equipment for activities such as sports will lower a person’s chances of suffering mouth trauma.

Seeking emergency dentistry help: fractured teeth

Teeth are stronger than bones, but this does not mean they cannot break. Poor oral habits can weaken the enamel, making the teeth more prone to cracking or breaking. A hard blow to the face or biting into an object can also break teeth. A tooth fracture can be painful and lead to infection. The emergency dentist can relieve the discomfort and repair the tooth. The dentist may place a crown or veneer over the tooth.

Knocked-out tooth

While a broken tooth can hamper a smile, a missing tooth might be a bigger concern. People with missing teeth can feel embarrassed and avoid social settings. Dental health problems or accidents can dislodge permanent teeth. If this happens, the person should seek emergency dentistry right away. In some cases, the dentist can save the tooth and replant it in the mouth. If this is not possible, the dentist may suggest putting in an implant or a bridge.

Bleeding from the mouth

Trauma to the mouth might not break or knock out a tooth. This does not mean the patient should not consider seeking emergency dentistry. This could indicate an injury to one or more teeth. The person could also have severe gum disease. A common reason for mouth bleeding is biting into something sharp, causing an injury to the gums. An emergency dentist can control the bleeding and treat the person’s immediate needs.

Answering questions

When in doubt, a person should call their local emergency dentistry office. The dentist can determine whether an appointment is necessary. The dentist or a staff member will listen to the symptoms and what caused the trauma. The patient can then come in on the same day or visit the general dentist if the issue is not an emergency.

Take the matter seriously

Trauma to the mouth is nothing you should ignore. Not only will mouth trauma likely cause pain but further complications could arise as well. An emergency dentistry office near you can address your concern and give you prompt attention. If you have injured a tooth or your gums, call the emergency dentist right away.

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