Do Your Teeth Hurt When Food Gets Stuck in Them?

Posted on: April 16, 2018

TeethTeeth that are straight and healthy are unlikely to have food stuck between them. Unfortunately, some people end up with food stuck between their teeth on a daily basis.  Food stuck between teeth, teeth and gums or in within teeth should not be a routine experience.  If you find food gets stuck between your teeth, there is likely something wrong with your dental health.

Is Food Stuck Between Teeth Painful?

There is potential for bits of food between the teeth to prove painful.  If you find that food between your pearly whites causes pain on a regular basis, then it is a sign of an oral health issue.  If you neglect this problem, it will only cause your oral health issue to get worse and cause serious pain. You should not have to endure such pain while eating or living your life.

In some cases, people experience immediate and sharp pain when food is stuck in a tooth.  Food can stick to the upper portion, front/back of a tooth and between teeth. Such food can trigger a nasty pain in the tooth.  This pain only increases as you bite or put any other pressure on the tooth.

Why Does Pain Occur After Food is Stuck in Teeth?

In some cases, the pain stemming from food in or between teeth is attributable to the fact that it is sticking to a cavity.  Cavities have the potential to penetrate right into the dentin. In other cases, cavities will form near the tooth pulp. Sometimes, cavities will penetrate the tooth pulp and cause pain that lasts until the individual seeks professional dental treatment.

Reconstructive dentistry procedures like fillings or dental crowns are usually necessary for such an instance.  If the cavity moves all the way to the pulp, a root canal will be necessary. If food remains between teeth, it can also cause the teeth to move to the sides, leading to considerable pain.

Some people compare this pain to the pain from tightening braces.  This is a fairly dull pain involving pressure in the tooth or gums near anchored teeth.  Food in this manner can impact the alignment of the teeth. Thus it is important to remove it sooner rather than later.

Food Stuck Between Teeth and Gums

Anything from popcorn to seeds, meat, leafy greens and all sorts of other foods can become lodged between the teeth.  When this occurs, there will almost certainly be a sharp pain. Do not neglect this sign. If food remains positioned beneath the gum line, it might cause an infection. Furthermore, it will cause pain, swelling and a gross odor.

A patient with such a problem might have receding gums.  This issue can also cause the loss of an adjacent tooth. If  there is food between your teeth and gums, or in teeth, it is a sign you need assistance from a dentist right away. Do not hesitate to call us and schedule an appointment. We will identify the cause of the issue and recommend an effective treatment.

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