Do the “Teeth” Portion of a Dental Implant Come Out or Stay In?

Posted on: January 28, 2020

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Implant dentistry has grown popular because it allows people to replace a lost tooth with a durable, natural-looking dental implant. Such implants, however, are not without problems since the visible tooth portion, which is called the crown, may loosen as the years go by. Many patients with implants wonder why the crown portion may eventually fall out and what to do if this happens.

Overview of loose dental implant crowns

Dental implants generally have a success rate of up to 95%, which means it is still vulnerable to possible complications. Years of use, trauma and poor oral habits can cause the dental crown to come off or loosen from the implant. When this happens, an immediate appointment with the dentist is important.

If the crown has come off completely, the individual should attempt to save it or another crown will have to be fabricated. If the crown is loose but still attached, it should be kept intact before the dental appointment. The dentist will need to take off the crown to reduce damage to the underlying implant.

If the dentist is not readily available, the person should stick to soft foods and take necessary precautions to prevent additional damage to the crown. Patients must avoid trying to fix the implant crown themselves since that could worsen the situation. Oral hygiene and dental care are still important because it is crucial to prevent infection or bone loss while the tooth portion is shaky. Patients may experience slight sensitivity in the nearby teeth.

Repairing a loose implant crown

The dentist will first ascertain the type of damage to the implant or crown. If the screw has loosened, the dentist will take off the crown completely and check the screw inside to determine if it needs replacement or readjustment. Many times, the solution simply requires tightening the faulty screw and filling the hole with a dental filling. The screw can also be replaced to allow the patient to use the tooth normally again.

Addressing loose implants

If the implant crown feels loose or comes off, chances are the problem is with the crown and not the implant itself. In this case, patients must call the dentist immediately. If the complete implant feels loose, then it is possibly a case of implant failure. This occurs when the bone is no longer adequate to support the dental implant. If implant failure is confirmed, the dentist will probably take out the affected implant and perform a bone graft. Following this procedure, the bone will need to heal fully first before the dental implant can be restored.

Final note 

To prevent the tooth portion of the dental implant from loosening or coming out completely, patients should take necessary precautions such as wearing custom mouth guards when participating in contact sports or when sleeping. Dental implants are rarely problematic and are often the most practical way to restore dental functions. If you notice any changes in your implant, reach out to the dentist immediately for an appointment.

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