Common Treatments Offered by a Young Adult Dentist Office

Posted on: May 15, 2017

DentistAs a young adult dentist office in Denham Springs, we treat children, older teens, and young adults. While the concept of oral health and the procedures necessary to stay healthy remain the same, the type of treatments that people need change with age. There is a natural cycle to life, so what your toddler needs will be different than what your teen needs, compared to what you require.

Here are a few of the dental treatments we regularly provide to our young adult patients.

  • Fluoride treatments. There have been several studies demonstrating that older teens should have fluoride treatments as well. Traditionally, this was only done in younger children, but given the prevalence of decay and the fact that tooth decay is the most commonly occurring infectious disease, we are now recommending that teens also have this treatment. It is fast, easy, painless, and can be done during a normal teeth cleaning appointment.
  • Wisdom teeth removal. If your teen is getting their wisdom teeth in, they may need to have them extracted. This is especially true if they wore braces and are now at risk for their teeth being pushed out of place. Not wanting to waste years of treatment, many parents elect to simply have the wisdom teeth out. The other reason to have them removed is if they are growing in impacted or sideways since this can cause discomfort and lead to an infection.
  • Dental bonding. Teens and young adults regularly damage teeth while playing sports or horsing around. When this happens, a dental restoration is required in order to restore the appearance of teeth, as well as their functionality. We can do this using dental bonding material. As a young adult dentist, our patients can walk in with a cracked or chipped tooth and leave with one that is fully restored and looks as though nothing had ever happened to it.
  • Teeth cleaning. Remember to bring your teeth or college-age student to our office for regular teeth cleanings. Parents are really good at remembering this when their children are young, but a cleaning is also critical as they grow. Teens and college students tend to load up on sugary sodas, candy, chips, and other snacks that are generally bad for their teeth. This can lead to excessive buildup of plaque and tartar. Eventually, they will wear down the enamel enough to create cavities. The best way to avoid this is with regular teeth cleanings at our Denham Springs dental office.

As a young adult dentist, we also have many patients who come in concerned about the appearance of their teeth. Teens start to notice things like stains on their teeth or a tooth that is out of place or misshapen. We do not always recommend cosmetic treatments for younger patients but would be happy to discuss what they are, how they work, and whether or not your teen or college student should consider them. To learn more about our solutions or to schedule an examination, call our office at (225) 663-1793 today.

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