A Family Dentistry Office Explains Why Tooth Enamel Is Important

Posted on: August 18, 2020

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If you have visited a family dentistry office, you might have heard about protecting your tooth enamel. Because of dentists’ efforts, there is more awareness about tooth enamel and its importance. This is a protective outer shell for the outside of your teeth. Without it, the teeth would be at a higher risk for infection and would become damaged. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of enamel and keeping it healthy.

What is the tooth enamel?

This is a substance that is on the outside of each and every tooth in the patient’s mouth. This substance is extremely hard and is designed to prevent damage to the teeth. It is a shield and keeps the vulnerable parts of the teeth healthy. These would become damaged from decay otherwise.

Patients might be surprised to learn that this substance is translucent. That just means that the light can go through it. The dentin is the main portion of the tooth. That is what gives the tooth the color. If the dentin becomes discolored, the teeth will become stained.

The importance of tooth enamel

Family dentistry offices aim to protect the enamel of their patients’ teeth. Each time something enters the mouth, the teeth are at risk of becoming damaged. This is also the case when someone chews or bites. The enamel’s strength keeps the teeth together.

Although the surface is very hard, the enamel can still become damaged. When this happens, issues such as decay can happen. That will cause the tooth underneath to become damaged. The enamel can become broken, wear out, or chip. Then there is nothing between bacteria and the tooth to protect it from infection.

Another thing that the enamel does is to insulate the teeth from changes in temperature. Chemicals can also cause pain that the enamel protects the tooth from. Even though this substance is extremely hard, it can still crack or chip. Once it becomes damaged, there is no way for it to repair itself. There are not any living cells in the enamel, which is why it cannot be self-repaired.

Keeping the enamel protected

The enamel needs to be protected to prevent painful infections. This is the first defense against issues like tooth decay, periodontal disease, or gum problems. These can all result in tooth loss, chronic pain, or severe infections. Patients should brush the teeth regularly at least twice a day.

Many family dentistry offices recommend doing it after each meal or snack. It is also important to stay away from sugar and carbs if possible. These can allow the bacteria to eat away at the enamel. Flossing should also be done.

Make an appointment at a family dentistry office today

It is important for you to be well informed about tooth enamel. For this reason, you will want to have regular appointments at your family dentistry office. The dentist can explain how you can protect enamel. Setting up an appointment is your first step.

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