5 Reasons to Get a Dental Cleaning from a Family Dentist

Posted on: December 2, 2018

Whether you love it or dread it, getting your teeth professionally cleaned is a crucial part of your oral health. Going to your family dentist for a cleaning every six months, with regular brushing and flossing, can keep your teeth in great shape. Your teeth will thank you for all the benefits regular dental cleanings have to offer.

Why dental cleanings?

1) Keep plaque at bay

Bacteria, both good and bad, occur naturally in the mouth. When a significant amount of bad bacteria develop into groups on the surface of teeth, these colonies can lead to the formation of plaque. Once the bacteria has established itself, it feeds off of food particles and sugars introduced into the mouth during eating and drinking. Plaque refers to the sticky film that forms when enough of these bacteria have been left unchecked, and it is the main reason for tooth decay.

Minimizing the accumulation of plaque starts with daily brushing, twice per day with a fluoride toothpaste, and ends with a dental cleaning. Although you may practice good oral hygiene, plaque is a persistent substance that can build up despite your best efforts. Flossing twice daily is recommended as well. But no matter how often you brush or floss, nothing beats a dental cleaning.

2) Prevent serious dental issues

Some dental issues, such as infections, nerve damage and advanced decay can go unnoticed to the untrained eye. A family dentist will not only clean your teeth but can give you a full checkup with X-rays and diagnostic services. Your dentist will also come up with some preventative measures you will need to take in order to keep your teeth healthy after the visit.

3) Stave off gum disease

When plaque builds up around the gumline, it can lead to inflammation of the gums. Eventually, a disease called gingivitis arises. Symptoms include gums that are swollen, tender or bleed easily. If the condition gets worse, it can go on to promote gum decay and, in advanced cases, can lead to tooth loss. Your family dentist has the tools to clear out plaque from the gumline and stop gum disease in its tracks.

4) Spot cavities early

Although your teeth may generally feel fine, you can still have cavities. Sometimes, cavities present with symptoms, such as tooth sensitivity to hot, cold and sugar. But other times, everything feels normal and cavities go unnoticed. A professional cleaning twice per year can make sure your dentist catches these problem areas before they become too big.

At the first sign of a cavity, getting it cleaned and filled is your best defense against further tooth decay. An X-ray and other imaging technology will tell you what is going on inside your teeth. This shines light on possible issues you may not be able to identify with a visual exam. A teeth cleaning will also clear out plaque between your teeth in those hard to reach areas where cavities are likely to form.

5) Your family dentist cares about your comfort

A family dentist goes above and beyond when it comes to your personal care and comfort. The dentist will make you feel comfortable and communicate with you if you get nervous. Many family dentists also offer local anesthesia upon request on sensitive areas in the mouth during a dental cleaning.

Bottom line

Do not delay in making an appointment for a dental cleaning with your family dentist. Regular cleanings can clear plaque, fight gum disease and improve your overall oral health. Your family dentist will ensure a positive cleaning experience in a friendly environment.

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