5 Possibilities For Why Your Tooth Hurts and Why You Need To See A Professional

Posted on: January 16, 2018

ToothIf your tooth hurts, there are plenty of possible causes for this pain. Perhaps you are sensitive to particularly hot and cold foods and beverages. Maybe you have gum disease or an impacted tooth. Even a sinus infection or cold can be responsible for the pain as pressure builds up in the sinus. Regardless of the cause of your tooth pain, you should visit a professional dentist as soon as possible for treatment. Otherwise, the pain could worsen and the underlying cause will go unaddressed. The failure to address tooth pain can spur costly dental treatments and procedures that require a significant amount of time in the dentist’s chair.

Tooth Decay

If the outer portion of your tooth’s surface decays, it can cause significant tooth pain. Plaque that sticks to the tooth enamel will eat the starches and sugars left by food particles in the mouth. Such acid deteriorates enamel, spurring weakness and holes. This decay moves on into the middle portion of the teeth, known as dentin. Once the dentin is reached, there is a good chance the tooth will prove sensitive to contact as well as hot and cold foods and beverages.

Dental Abscess

If bacteria builds up inside the pulp chamber and causes an infection, a dental abscess can form. Such an infection will naturally attempt to drain through the tooth root tip. The pressure involved in draining such an infection leads to pain that can prove quite severe if the swelling is not treated. Your dentist will be able to spot an abscess with a dental x-ray.

If Your Tooth Hurts, You Might Have Gum Disease

Gum disease, commonly referred to as gingivitis, occurs when there is an infection below the gums around the teeth. Such an infection will gradually spur bone loss and gum deterioration. Gums can even disconnect from the teeth, allowing pockets to form that will attract an abundance of bacteria. The roots of the teeth are subsequently subjected to plaque, decay, and increased sensitivity.

An Impacted Tooth

Teeth can be impacted if they are not allowed to move into the ideal position. Wisdom teeth are most likely to be impacted as they are typically the last to erupt. If the jaw bone is not capable of accommodating such teeth, they will stay below the gum. Impaction will result in pain, pressure and a lingering soreness along the jaw.

If teeth can’t reach the optimal position between gums, teeth, and bone, do not assume the problem will work itself in due time. If your tooth hurts and there is an impaction, it is imperative you schedule an appointment with your dentist to evaluate the severity of the tooth impaction. Your dentist will also help you take the proper steps to move your teeth into the best possible positions.

A Cracked Tooth

Teeth gradually weaken as time passes. This weakening can cause a crack. Even biting or chewing on something hard can cause a tooth to crack. The force applied when biting down anything from a pen cap, ice, candy or a popcorn kernel has the potential to crack a tooth. If you experience tooth pain when biting and/or chewing, meet with your dentist to determine the appropriate treatment. The treatment your dentist advises will hinge on the crack’s location, the extent of the damage and the direction the crack moves.

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