4 Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

Posted on: July 8, 2021

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You can talk to your dentist about sleep dentistry before your next procedure. It may be too nerve-racking to face with just local anesthesia. Having sedation for a procedure is normal. Sometimes, sleeping through the procedure is healthier if you are too anxious about it. If you want to know more about the benefits of sleep dentistry, here are the details.

Lowers discomfort

Anyone can inquire about sleep dentistry. Comprehensive dental procedures need hours to accomplish. A patient can request to have sedation to feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Looking forward to pain makes any person uncomfortable and tense. Patients with sensitive teeth, low pain thresholds, and intense gag reflexes can make the situation worse. With sleep dentistry, these patients can achieve relaxation during the dental appointment.

Reduces anxiety

Dental phobia and anxiety are medical issues. Studies show that about 60% of individuals all over the world have a type of fear about seeing the dentist. These fears are often unexplainable. Patients with phobias and anxiety about dental procedures should get all the help they can get.

Overcoming the debilitating fear of the dentist must be the dentist’s priority. Sleep dentistry can help the patient stay calm before, during, and after the dental procedure. This allows the patient to get the right treatment without issue. It even makes the patient receptive to post-surgical care.

Is not dangerous

Sleep dentistry is not a dangerous practice. It has tolerable side effects when highly trained professionals use it. Dentists often have the training to give laughing gas. IV and oral sedation need more training. Until then, an anesthetist can help, especially during monitoring.

The patient must inform the dentist about any health issues before the procedure. The dentist must know about any chronic condition like hypertension, respiratory issues, and diabetes. Patients must also share any allergies to anesthetics in the past. These details can help the dentist adjust the treatment plan and the method of sedation. The recovery time for sleep dentistry depends on the type of sedation. Laughing gas can wear off after the patient stops breathing it in.

Has multiple options

The dentist will help the patient choose the right type of sedation. The choice will depend on the procedure and the patient’s fears. There are available options in sleep dentistry. Oral sedation is when a patient takes a prescribed sedative pill an hour before the procedure. The patient will be responsive, conscious, and drowsy.

Laughing gas or nitrous oxide is a common type of dental sedation. The dentist will place a mask over the patient’s nose. Then, the dentist will ask the patient to breathe in. Nitrous oxide works right away. This gas calms the patient before the procedure starts. It increases pain tolerance and reduces anxiety.

Intravenous (IV) sedation is conscious sedation. It reduces discomfort and anxiety. A licensed anesthetist will sedate the dental patient. The sedative acts right away because it enters the bloodstream. The patient will be conscious and less aware during the treatment.

Sleep dentistry can make your dental procedure free of stress and anxiety

Dental care is important whether you have fears of the dentist or not. This is how sleep dentistry helps. You can go through sedation to keep you calm and comfortable during your procedure. A dental appointment with your dentist can help prepare you for the sleep dentistry part of your procedure.

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